Our Story


I am Nathalie.

Upstream is a longtime dream. I always wanted a business where I could use my artistic expression whilst celebrating the strength of women and men all over the world.

The first statement earrings I made for myself were the start of a new passion. I loved the way they made me feel.  

As a fabric designer I have studied the importance of colour and shape in a home for many years.  I came to realise that I wanted my work to be slower, closer and more personal.  A deep rooted love of material, fabric and colour needed a way out. 

Since then I have given in to my new addiction with vigour. I love how I can combine my love for colour and design and make people feel good in the process. Jewellery is such a great way to underline what is already there. 

My whole life I have been inspired by strong kind women. 

My mother is my hero. She has gone through life’s trials and joys with courage. She never wore make up, she worked too hard to follow the latest fashion trends, but she always wore-and still does-nice earrings that fit her mood. I have taken this on as a part of my vision. No matter what life throws at us, we can still get up, get dressed and look the part for it. 

Upstream was my dream but it is now carried by my family and friends. 

I live in a friendly village in Belgium near a river. We love our walks with the dog, the quiet stream always our companion. I am very proud of the name Upstream. It represents our love of nature, our sense of adventure and our determination to go against the current if needed.

Every piece of Upstream Jewellery is hand carved. No two pieces are the same, variations are the spice of life and it makes every piece an original work of art. I work with small themed collections inspired by my daily life and travels.

A piece of jewellery completes not only your outfit. We at Upstream hope you can find a piece that represents who you are. I can only hope my jewellery will empower you to express yourself. 

Be you, be your amazing best you can be!

Thank you so much for supporting my dream and for spreading your beauty into the world.



Nathalie Vandevoorde